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With excellent vision and forward looking approach of making a global footprint in the field of pharmaceutical intermediate and giving in green option to pharma industry Shivam petrochemicals industry formed in the year of 2012. Over the years the company rose from a small idea to a big company.


To become a supply partner for the global pharmaceuticals and API industries by identifying the need of them, and thrive to providing the best solution with the capability of manufacturing, quality assurance, and research development.


To add value in the supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry by our manufactured intermediate and specialty chemicals with the help of innovative manufacturing systems, product development through research & re-engineering and using the latest technology in most economical systems with consistent quality and shortest supply time.


All work at Shivam petrochemicals is revolved around the value center of 3E: Ethics, Energy, and Efficiency


Trityl Chloride(TTC) CAS No.: 76-83-5

Trityl Chloride is an alkyl halide commonly used in organic synthesis to introduce the trityl protecting group. Trityl Chloride is use as an intermediate for APIs  like Cefotaxime, Ceftazidime, Indeloxacine, Losartan potassium, Remoxiprode, Zidovudine.

Ortho Chloro trityl chloride
( 2-CTC) CAS Number 42074-68-0

Chlorotrityl chloride is used to obtain protected peptide fragments that can be applied to the preparation of head-to-tail cyclopeptides or to condensation of peptidic fragments. Also used as Intermediate for production of Clotrimazole: Antifungal application


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